Institute of Aerospace Control Systems is a modern educational and research complex oriented onto international requirements to higher education. It was created in 2010 from the oldest faculties: Control Systems (founded in 1952), Electronics (founded in 1962) and the Institute of Electronics and Control Systems (founded in 2003) to satisfy basic needs of industry, business, and research in highly qualified professional engineering staff, who can solve problems of computer aided design, development, research, certification and maintenance of primarily modern aviation and space technology, as well as complex automated, engineering, organizational, robotics, cybernetics, biomedical and electronic systems based on the latest achievements of science and technology, using information technology, computer-integrated manufacturing processes, and micro- & nanoelectronics.

Professionals with experience in these high-tech industries will be at a premium in any country that designs, manufactures and operates modern highly intelligent systems.

Our institute was created exactly for training of such professionals.

At the origins of the institute there were world-renowned scientists – academicians G.E. Pukhov and A.I. Kukhtenko who created the scientific and pedagogical schools that successfully work even today. Further development of the institute was provided by Doctors and Professors A.Ya.?Beletsky, L.N. Blokhin, V.G. Denisov, A.L. Grokholsky, V.A. Ignatov, L.Ya. Ilnitsky, E.A. Kornilyev, K.B. Krukovsky-Sinevich, V.E. Nitzsay, V.A. Povsten, A.A. Tunik, B.S. Sinitsyn, V.V. Vasilyev, V.M. Azarskov, V.D. Kuzovik, A.P. Polishchuk, L.V. Sibruk, V.M. Sineglazov, F.J. Yanovsky, and many others. Among them there are Honored Scientists of Ukraine, Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology, Awards of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Honorary Workers and Veterans of the space industry and aviation in Ukraine.

They created the first aerospace simulators including aerospace flight simulators, high-precision control of dynamic objects for various purposes, hybrid computers, the novel electronic equipment, engineering and computer information protection systems, radionavigation systems, computer-integrated medical systems and medical diagnostic systems.

Nowadays, the Institute of Aerospace Control Systems (IACS) is one of the advanced units of the National Aviation University that prepares highly qualified specialists in various fields. Academic process is provided, using modern information technologies, by 50 Full Professors, Doctors of Sciences, and 100 Associate Professors, PhDs.

The Institute has close relations with scientific, industrial and manufacturing organizations: ANTONOV Serial Plant, SJSHC "Artem", Central Design Bureau "Arsenal", A.N. Tupolev Design Bureau, G.M Beriev Design Bureau, Scientific-Production Company JSC "Petrovskyi Kyiv automation factory", State Space Agency of Ukraine, Research Institute "Buran", Scientific-Production Company "Teleoptic"; European technical universities: WUT (Warsaw, Poland), TU Delft (Netherlands), TUHH (Hamburg, Germany), Institute of Systems Optimization (Karlsruhe, Germany), University of Naples "Parthenope" (Italy); Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, etc.

In addition to getting the higher education, during study in the Institute you can:
- Learn all the subjects in English;
- Take part in European education programs TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS and others;
- Participate in international internships, student exchange programs, summer schools and courses, international trainings, conferences and seminars;
- In parallel, on favorable conditions, to get a second degree in humanitarian, legal, economics, or in other engineering area
- Get military training to be promoted to reserve officer status.

Our graduates work in our country and abroad as General Managers of firms and companies, Top Engineers and Designers of high-tech equipment and technologies, Managers and Specialists of analytical units of banks, companies, customs, law enforcement agencies, Systems engineers and Research engineers.

If you entered to the University on the contract form of training, please try to learn well, do science, be active, and we will help you to pass the budget form of training. Our students are confident that we give them a prestigious education, which is the key to their future brilliant career!

Location of the Institute Office: Building 5, Room 410. tel: 408-58-43, 406-76-75, 406-75-05


Field of Training (Bachelors, 4 years):
6.050201 «Systems Engineering»
Specialty (Master of Science, 1.5-2 years):
050201.01 «Control and Automation of Aircraft»
050201.02 «Computerized Systems and Robotics»

Form of study: Full-time or Correspondence Training.
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Systems Engineering is a prestigious new field that emerged in the most developed countries of the world as an urgent need for industry, business, research specialist staff, capable of addressing the creation and operation of complex cybernetic automated engineering and organizational systems based on the latest advances in science and technology, with a wide the use of computers and intelligent information systems.

In particular this applies to high-tech industries such as aerospace and robotics systems of modern enterprises which nowadays absorbed the latest advances in science and technology.

Based on advanced aerospace technology we will make you a professional in any industry. We know how it is!

With training graduates are provided by:
- Deep theoretical knowledge of electronic and computer technology, modern control theory, intelligent control algorithms, etc.;
- Ability to apply advanced science-intensive technology development and operation of viable airborne cybernetic systems for aviation, space exploration, maritime transport, etc. in their practical work;
- The ability to develop and implement new tools and evidence-based algorithms and software of robotic control complexes of modern enterprises, companies and organizations, using systems approach.

Graduates get fundamental training in systems engineering and cybernetics that is decent to XXI century. Employers hunt for our graduates!

Field of Training (Bachelors, 4 years):
6.050202 «Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies»
Specialty (Master of Science, 1.5-2 years):
8.050202.01 «Automated Control over Computer-Integrated Systems of Aircraft»
8.050202.02 «Computer Aided Design of Integrated Systems»
8.050202.03 «Technical Monitoring of Computer Integrated Systems»

Form of study: Full-time or Correspondence Training
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, English

The objects of study in this field of training are the advanced computer-aided design in computer networks, computer graphics and computer technologies, management of computer-integrated manufacturing with a high degree of automation, the development, research and testing of complex computer-integrated and navigation flight systems.

Students will obtain the detailed knowledge of the techniques of automated design, graphic images using algorithmic high-level languages, computer graphics and computer technologies, methods of database arranging in local area networks and the Internet, which are used in computer-aided design, manufacturing and testing aviation equipment, building of complex microprocessor systems, modern systems of automatic control of complex computer-integrated systems.

After graduation from the University the specialists can work in departments and services companies and businesses in all industries, banks and firms in any country in the world, due to the Diploma recognition of international standard.

Field of Training (Bachelors, 4 years):
6.050801 «Micro-and Nanoelectronics»
Specialty (Master of Science, 1.5-2 years):
8.050801.02 «Physical and Biomedical Electronics»

Form of study: Full-time or Correspondence Training
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian

All the most remarkable advances in computer engineering and modern electronics are associated with the development of microelectronics. Microprocessors and microcontrollers, laptops and robots, space communications and navigation equipment, video devices and intelligent systems are created by specialists in microelectronics based on modern integrated circuits. We train electronic engineers who specialize in micro- and nanoelectronics, which is the next stage of electronics development. Nanoelectronics influences greatly to modern and future world. Basics of this interdisciplinary area are physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Reducing electronic devices up to molecular size drastically increases the speed of information processing and leads to revolutionary changes in technology and society.

Ambitious people who have an interest in science, wish to get integrated interdisciplinary knowledge and achieve a lot in their life, must study here.

NAU was one of the first who introduced this field of study into the educational process. Students study the principles of design and operation of devices and systems, algorithms, software and hardware of computerized electronic systems for various applications, including systems for biomedical electronics. After four years you will get a bachelor's degree in the field of Micro- and Nanoelectronics. Three or four more semesters of study give you a Master's degree in "Physical and Biomedical Electronics."

Department of Electronics cooperates in this field with the leading enterprise in Ukraine on the development, manufacture and operation of medical electronic equipment Scientific-Production Company "Teleoptic" who exports the products in many countries and has wide service network in different regions. NAU has the Branch of Electronics Department at this enterprise where students can train with real equipment and graduates work in the field of biomedical electronics.

As the graduates receive a fundamental education in electronics and programming, they can work for public and private companies in all areas of business, marketing, production, repair and sale of electronic and computer technology, as well as in research and educational institutions. Graduates are employed as design engineers, specialists in biomedical systems, analysts, leading managers, scientists, and heads of departments. Graduates can work abroad due to the recognition of international standard diplomas.

Field of Training (Bachelors, 4 years):
6.050802 «Electronic Devices and Systems»
Specialty (Master of Science, 1.5-2 years):
8.050802.02 «Electronic Systems»

Form of study: Full-time or Correspondence Training
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian

Electronic devices and systems play a key role practically everywhere: in any industry and transport, at home, in medical institutions, in a telecommunications company or financial institution, and at a guarded object.

The basis of this field of training are the study of personal computers and computer programming, algorithmic languages, including object-oriented programming, components, electronic equipment, analog and digital circuitry, microprocessors and microcontrollers, computational methods and devices in electronics, signal processing and statistical images, information and computer technology, cryptography, electrodynamics and microwave frequency devices, computer networks and systems, computer-aided design of electronic circuits, Internet technologies.

Students receive fundamental training in computer and microprocessor electronics that allows them to design electronic circuits general purpose, programming logic integrated circuits intensify production processes through the development and implementation of algorithmic and software computer systems, artificial intelligence-based neural networks.

This confirms the practice of successful employment of our graduates in elite domestic enterprises of all forms of ownership and the branches of foreign companies. Graduation departments (Electronics and Radioelectronic devices and systems) collaborate with public research institute "Buran", Belgian company "Melexis", the holding company "Ukrspetstechnika", and Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies. Graduates can work abroad due to the recognition of international standard diplomas.

Field of Training (Bachelors, 4 years):
6.050701 «Electrical Engineering and Technology»

Form of study: Full-time or Correspondence Training Teaching languages: Ukrainian, Russian

The objects of study of this field of training are the modern electrical system of aircraft, airports and various industrial facilities; electric power distribution systems; flight safety lighting systems; computer-aided design of modern lighting systems for both industrial and public facilities (airports and runways, architectural objects, business and show business); dynamic lighting design and computer design.

Fundamental training in electrical engineering, information technology and lighting design, as well as in fiber optic systems allows professionals in this specialty to work not only in aviation industry, but also in any industries or kind of transport. They can work in departments and services of firms and companies that provide supply various industrial facilities which use modern electronic, electrical and lighting systems in the areas of municipal engineering, medicine, radio and television, modern advertising agencies, athletic facilities, show business, in the offices of local and foreign firms that organize advertising, production and trade of modern electrical and lighting equipment, etc.

Thanks to recognition of our diploma by international organizations, our professionals can work in departments and services companies, agencies, businesses of all modern industries in any country in the world, and their high professional training enables them to be competitive in the real market under conditions of increasing competition in these sectors of the economy.

Field of training: «6.051402 Biomedichna Engineering»

Form of study: full-time
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

Training is carried out in the direction of "Biomedical engineering", specialty "Clinical Engineering", "Automated Information Technology", "Marketing and Management in Biomedical Engineering."

Formation of professional skills of the future specialists is at the intersection of intellectual spheres of medicine, engineering, and biology.

Training is conducted in the following specializations: medical engineer, an expert on maintenance biomedical devices and systems, an expert on systems business.

Future specialists can work as engineers on maintenance biomedical systems; medical administrators; software managers of medical equipment.

Production activity is carried out in hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, institutes, and departmental diagnostic centers in Ukraine and abroad.

Field of training: 6.050902 «Radio Electronic Apparatuses»

Form of study: full-time
Teaching languages: Ukrainian, Russian.

Training is conducted in the following fields: an expert on maintenance and repair of biomedical devices and systems; biomedical information technology. Specialists on this specialty should practically implement the eligibility requirements aimed onto the development and implementation of the newest computerized processes of maintenance and repairing biomedical systems and complexes at enterprises of biomedical-engineering.

Future specialists can work as engineers in the maintenance and repair of biomedical systems and complexes; administrators of medical software managers with medical equipment.

Production activity is carried out in enterprises of biomedical devices and systems, plants for maintenance and repair of biomedical devices and systems, "Derzhspozhivstandart" (State-consumer-standard) enterprises , certification and testing industry laboratories.

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